Person of the month! CHARLOTTE HAGER


I’m inspired by people every day. Every month I am honoring someone in my life that deserves a shout out for being not only an incredible human being in general, but for inspiring me to be better human being.

This month that person is an artist, an activist, a voice and advocate for women’s reproductive health and rights, a courageously talented woman and my dear friend and sister, Charlotte Hager!


This Friday June 5th just so happens to be her birthday too! Please wish her a happy birthday!! I have known this spectacular human being since we were both 16 years old. I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since we first met!

Why She Inspires Me

As long as I have known Charlotte, she has always been a person that sets her heart on something, goes after it and makes it happen. I truly admire her ability to make her dreams a reality. She works very heard and doesn’t compromises her goals. It’s something I aspire to live up to. I could name hundreds of amazing qualities Charlotte has, but THE thing that stands out to me about her is that she stands firm in what she wants in life and makes it come true. She believes in herself. That’s what it takes to live up to your dreams. Thank you for reminding me of that, Charlotte! I feel honored to have you in my life.

Please visit her website to check out her beautiful artwork and projects.


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